Fourth Petrol Price Hike in Last Six Months hit the nation

A number of cities saw a price hike on Tuesday creating a big hole in the pockets of common man. In Mumbai, the petrol prices rose by Rs 2.96, creating a queue of vehicles on the petrol pumps. While the petrol price at Churchgate petrol pump is likely to increase from the current Rs 57.50 per litre to Rs 60.74 per litre, another petrol pump at Mahim would witness a hike of Rs 60.30 from the current price at Rs 57.34 post midnight on Tuesday. There was an increase in Bangalore too by Rs. 3.22.

The petrol price hike is a result of increase in global crude oil price which rose to $88-90 per barrel, as reported by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). He also said that though other oil companies have not hiked the price, but are likely to follow the same scenario.

The Director of institutional relations for The Center for Sustainable Transport, Rishi Agarwal, said, “Green activists were the only ones who saw a silver lining to petrol price hike. “Fuel hike is going to be a constant reality now. So it’s high time we plan our cities for non-motorized modes of transport.”

BJP, on the other hand said that the petrol hike was “totally unwarranted and unjustified” and demanded a rollback of hike. BJP spokesperson said, “”The fourth consecutive price hike of petrol in the span of six months is totally unjustified. And the Rs 3 increase is total injustice to the people who are using petrol, which is not a luxury but a necessity.”