Friendship Day 2014 SMS To Wish Your Close Ones

Time for celebrating friendship is round the corner, it’s going to be an occasion to cheer your bond with your friends. August 3rd this year will be celebrated as Friendship Day all over the world as the first Sunday of August is considered to be the day to celebrate this day of friendship. Really a day to be spent with friends and relive some of the most memorable moments of life but do you know when and how this day came to existence? We all celebrate Friendship Day with zeal but only a few of us understand and really know the story behind it.

The History

Let me share it is a summarized manner with you all. The initiation of this day dates back to 1930s which was started by Joyce Hall who was the founder of the Hallmark cards. He proposed August 2nd to be celebrated as Friendship Day however it faced a lot of resistance from public. This move was largely seen as an advertising gimmick to sell more greeting cards. By 1940s the number of greeting cards sold was drastically decreased due to the resistance but in Asian countries the tradition was kept alive. It was in 1998 when Nane Annan named Winne the Pooh as World’s Friendship ambassador that the day got its importance.

Interesting isn’t it but now there are many new facilities other than greeting cards available for you to celebrate this day.Happy Friendship Day 2014

The Twist

You may be thinking that buying cards and friendship bands is kind of routine. So get ready for Friendship Day 2014 SMS services which are providing you an edge. Wait we do not mean you need to pay or something to send greetings to your friends. These SMS services are free of cost and their operation is simple. You can visit these websites which are offering you friendship messages for texting to friends for free. Even if you are not comfortable with typing all the text messages and want to cut it short, make use of online messaging services. Using some of the messaging websites you can send friendship messages for free to your friends on their phones using internet.

Cool isn’t it, and above all you can use these services for free. So what you are waiting for? Start browsing these messages as there are millions of them to be explored.

Here are some Friendship day 2014 SMS which are popular among users:

Friends May Meet,

Friends May Scatter;

If Hearts Are Loyal,

Distances Don’t Matter;

Keep In Touch So That

Our Friendship Grows Better.

Happy Friendship Day!


Friendship is a silent bond.

More old more strong;

More deep more clear;

More close more warm;

And less words more understanding.

Happy Friendship Day!


Friends may meet, friends may scatter;

If hearts are loyal, distances don’t matter;

Keep in touch so that our Friendship grows better.

Happy Friendship Day!


Every garden must have a rose;

Every face must have a smile;

Every grass must have some dew;

And every person must have a friend like YOU.

Happy Friendship Day!