Galaxy S3 Launches in India at a Price of INR 43,180

The much awaited and highly anticipated flagship smartphone of Samsung, the Samsung galaxy S3 has finally been launched in India in a press conference in New Delhi here on Thursday. The pricing of the model, the third in the Samsung Galaxy S series, is at INR 43,180 which is in line with its Europe pricing ( of 42k plus or 600 euros). While the high cost might have disappointed a few fans, it should be noted that the major factor behind it is the rupee depreciation. Excluding the Rupee depreciation in the last one year, the price would have been INR 34,400. Samsung Galaxy S2, at its launch, was priced at 33,000.Whether or not the high pricing will impact its success, is still to be seen.

In an event in New Delhi, as a part of the roadshow to the Olympics, the most advanced smartphone in the world was launched here today. The device will be currently available in the 16GB variant, with the higher memory variants coming in the next few days.

The biggest competition for Samsung S3 in India is HTC One X presently, which is priced at around 36,000. This could be slightly welcome news for HTC.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with an amazing number of new features compared to all its predecessors. There is the S stay, which tracks your eyeball while you are looking at the screen or the S Voice, which is Samsung’s answer to Apple iPhone 4S’s Siri. The feature lets you give voice input to the phone for performing tasks.  Then you have the capability of transfer of files with just a touch between a similar S3 device.

Compared to the HTC One X, both have 8MP camera, 1080p of HD video recording, 21 Mbps 3G, HD display and 1 GB of RAM. However the models differ in display size, graphics processor, and processor speed and front-camera resolution. The galaxy S3 has a 4.3 % more surface area while the 1.9 MP front cameras are greater than the 1.3 MP of HTC one X.

The galaxy S3 is powered by a MALI graphics processor loaded in Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy tab 680 and is seen as the most powerful graphic engine. S III supports and expandable memory up to a total of 90 GB with an external memory support of 64GB. The advancement in the camera is that it has a zero shutter lag, the best in business. Also, another enhancement in Galaxy series, a feature found in the NOTE is that it has a super AMOLED display.

The galaxy S3 is inspired by nature and capabilities of humans. It is not only intuitive in its design, which is very simple at the same time; it is effortlessly smart at the same time. The phone cites for a fascinating example of combining imagination and intelligence with technology and design in creating a new and innovative product.