Gmail priority Inbox New Feature

Have you tried the priority inbox lately ??
If many of you noticed the new link on the top of your mailbox that said try priority inbox and did not know what it was for then I’d say “Give It a TRY.”

Because this new cool thing from gmail categorizes your all the mails itself and shows you the important ones above all. As they said Priority Inbox makes it easy for you to read and respond to the messages that matter. Many of us nowadays have registered with many applications like social networking, blogging, tweeting or any general purpose website that required registration. And in the end we land up getting a lot of email notifications every second popping in our inbox. Now, gmail has categorized your entire mailbox into sections like “Important and Unread” that appears first and “Everything Else” following it.

It makes things simpler and easier to manage the inbox. Gmail also has been adding many features lately like days back we saw that now selecting of mails has all gone under one arrow.
If you leave Priority Inbox then getting back is as easy as navigating by clicking on the link next to inbox.
You can even switch mails between sections, like suppose a mail is in the “everything else” section then that can be brought to the important section by just clicking on the section headers or visiting the Priority Inbox tab under Settings and choose to “customize inbox groups.”
There are surely many many options to explore in there. It surely is to make you keep important things as important as they are and so that they don’t get lost in between a lot of social-networking mails or notifications from other so-so sites.
To check out how it works, view the promotional video released by Google on Youtube on the link provided below.
Gmail Priority Inbox