Go Goa – the ultimate Indian heaven you MUST visit this Christmas

Right now most of us are confused on where exactly to plan the perfect Christmas holiday spot for the year. And this time it should be considerably different from the usual monuments, temples, silent valleys, etc that we see every year, from all those predictable, used-to ones. Ever thought of visiting the beautiful state of Goa but never found the right time to do so yet? In that case now is your more-than-perfect chance to plan a trip to Goa along with your family and friends to have a lifetime experience of fun and excitement and a return trip whereby you could carry sweet memories that you can share with others till your last day.

Goa is not just another tourist spot. It is one state in India where you can find people of such cultures, backgroundsgoa-beach, lifestyles and traditions that you might hardly find in any other part of the country. Having liberalized in the year 1961 Goa is a perfect example of places, dressing style and language of communication that reflect the lives of traditional Portuguese descendants having a blend of modern Indian background. It is one place where you get to hear peoples’ and places’ names most uncommon to the general Indian society – right from Florindo Valentino Extraucio to Gomes De Mello E Grango Cheryl. This is one of only the very first interesting things you come across in this place.

Now let us come to the one of the best things Goa is most famous for, you can even say the identity of the Goan land in not only the national and international tourist sector, but also in the business advertising and marketing world – its beaches. Having around 35 well known beaches altogether, Goa holds the record for having one of the most number of reputed beaches in any state of India. Colva – the beach located in South Goa (one out of the two districts of Goa – other being North Goa) attracts tourists from all parts of the world during almost every time of the year. It has a stretch of 20 kms of pure white sand being its main attraction, not to forget the popular paragliding facility provided by many different local companies. Other famous beaches include the Baga, Calangute, Vagator, Benaulim, etc. However I must warn you that the shacks in these beaches are unreasonably expensive and overpriced during peak season though they may look welcoming and attractive. In case they offer you a free bed in return for a meal in their shack, be aware that this is how they trick you into almost emptying your pockets before leaving.

But again advantages flow in at a much higher rate than these limitations which are minor and bearable. Having a literacy rate of over 85% is no joke, and practicality proves itself yet again. If you’re a non-Goan, Indian citizen who came to Goa for either tourism or settlement purposes do not worry at all in the field of communication. At almost any shop you go to the vendor will be able to serve you with good, fluent English or Hindi with his/her own peculiar Goan dialectic accent which is commonly comprehensible to Indians. Though Konkani is the local language of the state it is spoken only when needed, at other times people use either English as the main mode of communication. The strong tourism industry of Goa has also ensured that on an average almost every bus/taxi/auto driver can speak good English.

Places to Visit Goa : Now coming to which places to visit! I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take a full visit of eachChurch_of_Old_Goa and every nook and cranny of the state (which will take only 3-4 complete days), rather here are some places you must never miss after being in Goa. The Church of St. Francis Xavier located in Old Goa treasures the body of the late saint himself who expired in the year 1552. You can literally see the 457 year old body (though not fully) through its glass tomb placed on a raised platform. Apart from that there are also other churches in and around Old Goa built centuries ago in medieval Italian as well as Portuguese design. Old Goa also has art and architectural museums where you get an idea of the lives of ancient as well as medieval rulers. Keep in mind that Old Goa is a completely plastic-free zone and carrying or littering stuff like Coke bottles, toffee rappers or biscuit might get you into trouble. Another place of interest is Fort Aguada located in Vagator where the Portuguese government held  prisoners (now it is a tourist spot). This windy, open, beautiful fort gives a clear view of  the Vagator beach located just beside it. Other interesting places to visit in North Goa are Dona Paula, Panaji (the capital city of Goa). Miramar and so on. The annual IFFI (International Film Festival of Goa) is held in the popular Inox multiplex in grand style every year for 8 days, mostly starting from the 22nd or 23rd of November. Another great place to visit at goa is Whispering palms beach resort goa .

Natural and artificial beauty (clean, smooth roads for example), comfort of living and a place with very less strikes, political rallies and other public nuisance, cheap transportation facilities and altogether a quiet, peaceful living are some of the very few priceless characteristics of this state that attracts you as a long term settler.

Best Time To Visit Goa : When to visit? The months of November to February are tourist season at its peak in Goa. You experience a pleasant climate ranging from 16-25 degrees Celsius during this time, along with a vastly uncommon nature of traffic blocks even at 2 AM in the early hours and expensive traveling rates. As Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Goa so grandly that you would hardly find in any other state  this is perhaps the perfect time for an ideal winter vacation visit.

So do not hesitate. If you think you desperately require a stress-free, light holiday from your hectic work schedule go ahead and book your tickets right away for this trip you really deserve and look forward to; and carry back home memories of a lifetime.