Godhra Verdict by special court: death penalty to 11, life imprisonment to 20

It was indeed a ‘big day’ for the victims and accused as well as the policemen whowitnessed the most ghastly acts of insurrection in 2002 during post Godhra trainbloodbath. In the verdict given by the special trial court in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, 11people were awarded the death sentence and 20 were sentenced to the life imprisonment.
The city seemed at peace majorly. An alert was given by the police and a senior policeofficial said, “All leaves have been cancelled for the day. Maximum possible deployment ofpolice personnel on the city streets has been ensured. Till Tuesday evening, no incident ofunrest was reported in the city.”
In view that the judgement is a sensitive issue, the city police force was kept alert in theentire regions, according to the joint commissioner of police, Satish Sharma. He said, “Wehad deployed companies of State Reserve Police (SRP) in sensitive areas. However, the cityremained peaceful and no major or minor incident was reported in the day.”
Some of the schools in regions like Dariapur affirmed early closure of the school. There werehearsay about turbulence in Gomtipur but senior officials refused such incidents.
The special public prosecutor JM Panchal said after the sentencing, “The court, lookinginto their active role in the conspiracy and in setting fire to the S6 coach of the SabarmatiExpress near Godhra, gave the death penalty to 11 people and life imprisonment to 20.”
IM Munshi, counsel for the convict, said, “We will definitely appeal against the verdictin the high court.” He added, “Till the high court confirms the judgment, it cannot beimplemented.”