Google launches +1 button for the third party sites : Following Facebook

Google is now rolling out the +1 recommended button all across third party sites and the Google properties, just a day after social networking site Twitter launched its Follow button for the third party websites. This +1 recommended button was actually introduced in the month of March for Google advertisements and search results.

Google reported on its blog that they are releasing the +1 buttons to entire WWW. The search engine even added that it had already partnered with some sites in which +1 buttons will appear in near future. Google is further introducing buttons on its sites like Blogger, Product Search, YouTube and Android Market.

Google +1 Button

Google said that with just one click, the users will be able to recommend that news article, raincoat or sci fi movie to their contacts, friends and others. But how is this button useful? The users searching for some particular article on the search engine can now be able to see what their contacts or friends have liked thereby making it simple for them to choose the best from the lot.

Google has in fact launched this facility for some sites. The service is basically supposed to alter the way in which one searches the articles and other things on Google like a cooking recipe. While some may believe that this is a great service offered, there are others who do not find anything good in it. Either way, it is the welcome addition that will save huge time and efforts of users who will get more relevant search results than ever before.