Google PR Update April 2010 – Pagerank update after 31st Dec. 2009

Google just updated Page Ranks of website few hour ago and I can find many sites of our group ( Wisden Writers ) PR is upgraded and its good news for us. However Homepage rank of our site remains same but our other internal pages got Pageranks too.

Our Live Cricket Section :- got PR 1

About Us :- Also got PR 1

Many Internal Pages also got PR .

Few sites of our network like also got PR 1

We recently got sitelinks and now internal pages got Page Rank, seems everything is going on right direction and its all due to support of Regular AllaboutIndia Blog Readers.

We published our traffic report of last month few days ago and traffic was jumped more then 300% last month. Hope we will get even more traffic this month.

Google updates Pageranks of Websites last time on 31st December 2009 and now they updated it again.

For People Who dont know what PR means, its actually How google value your site and it depends on Link Popularty of your site. You can read more about Pagerank here

Google Update Pagrank on every 2-4 months time. Next PR update will come possibly by July 2010.

Hope you can see 1 more upgrade in our PR in next PR update.