Google reaching people in Indian-sub continent with five more Indian language support

This is great news for the people in the Indian sub continent. Google – the leader in search engine has expanded the translation services that it provides to people in more five Indian languages. They have started translation services in Tamil, Guajarati, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada. Millions of people in India use these languages. This step by Google will enhance their opportunities in reaching out to millions of people in India as well as people abroad, who know and use these languages.

According to a research scientist in Google, this translation service will help in exploring the vast diversity of linguistics in India. It has been found out that only in Bangladesh and India, about 500 million people communicate through these five languages. The scientist also said that there might be some hitches in the translation services as they are alpha languages and might not deliver exact translations. However, he mentioned that Google is open to learning and would welcome corrections in translation, if any.

It has also been mentioned in the Google blog that there might be many un-translated words in these languages in the Google translator as there is not much web content on this in Google as compared to languages like Chinese, Spanish, French or German. Google provides translation services in 63 languages now and out of them there are eleven alpha languages that are covered. This step by Google will help in better understanding of the Indo-Aryan languages on the web and also lead to publicizing and popularizing these languages globally.