Haj Committee- Devotees quotas for Haj Pilgrimage 2010

Haj Committee of India is under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002 making arrangements for the pilgrimage of Muslims in India for Haj. A special passport called Haj passport is issued for that purpose.

Every year Haj Committee of  India organizes All India Annual Conference for Haj. The President and Secretary of State Hajar Committees, Senior managers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Air India, attend the conference. The Conference reviews the arrangements of previous Haj and discus the  improvements in the arrangements for the next Haj. They also consider the calendar of activities / action plan for the future Haj.

The Haj Committee of India announces the Haj by leading newspapers across the country to invite applications from the intending Pilgrims. Haj The quota is set by the Government. The State-wise quota of Haj Seats are allocated between the States and Union Territories on the basis of the Muslim population of these States / Union Territories. Haj Committee of India, after having received information about the total number of applications received by the State Haj Committee to decide on holding Qurrah (lottery), if necessary. The computerized lucky draw to be held by the State Haj Committee date fixed by the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai. Deadline for submission of applications for 2010 was May 15

Lucky draw of the various state committees is being progressed. In Karnataka enter lucky draw was carried out on 24 May 2010,  5,576 from out of 16,588 have been selected for Haj 2010.

The draw of the Haryana State Haj Committee will be held on 27 May 2010.

In Kerala QURRAH for HAJ – 2010 will be held at Haj House Karippur May 30, 2010 at 9:30