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Tomorrow is Vishu and Vishu is a popular as well as prime festival in the state of Kerala where it is celebrated as the auspicious occasion of New Year. Tradition is to close the eyes at dawn and then visit the sacred place or in house room where Mandir is situated and open the eyes after watching the Vishukanni, this marks the beginning of New Year and reading the verses from the Hindu holy epic book Ramayana signifies the reflecting and hopes of prosperity in the New Year.  The celebration of Vishu generally falls on 14th of April every year ( On The day of Ambedkar Jayanti )and on this day; the celebration of Baisakhi is also celebrated in another state of India, called Punjab.

So, make sure you have loads of Veppampoorasam and Mampazhapachadi, light fire crackers all over, exchange greetings, send off gifts and sweets to your loves ones and make this New Year an event to remember.

On the day of Vishu we also send Scraps and Messages to our Family and Friends so here we are sharing few Good SMS and Scrap Messages which you can share on Vishu.

Vishu SMS | Happy Vishu Scraps & Tamil Messages

Priyapetta Kootukara
Sreekrishna Bagavane
Vishukani kandu unarnu
Poothiriyum Lathiriyum kathichum
Padakam pottichum Sadya undum
Vishu Agoshiku. oru nalla nalekaayi.
Vishu Aasamsagal…

Priya Kootukari.
Puthan Vasthramanijum
Vishu kani konna pottichum
Padakam Potichum
Vishu Aagoshikoo…
Vishu Aasamsagal…

Let this Vishu give you the strength to do all that you
dreamed to do during last year but didn’t dare to do.
Happy Vishu! Let this be a delightful year,
filled with delightful things in each of its days.

Happy Vishu,
let this year be filled with the things that are truly good.

May you be blessed with peace, prosperity..
and good fortune. Happy vishu!

May the Lord’s blessing bring peace to your home and
heart on Vishu and always during this year.
Happy Vishu.

May the New Year bring you happiness,
prosperity and good fortune. Happy Vishu..

Wishing you a new year, bursting with joy,
roaring with laughter and full of fun. Happy Vishu.

I hope this Vishu will bring cheer,
prosperity and peace in your life.
Let us pray that we gain enough strength
to accept the highs and lows of life with equanimity .

Vishu stands for new and fresh
Life is always new and fresh
Let us strive to make all days Vishu

Vishu Greetings and Picture Messages

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Our All About India Team would like to wish very Happy Vishu and also Happy Ambedkar Jayanti which also falls on 14th April Every year.