Hariyali teej Celebrated today across India

Welcoming the coming of monsoon, the Hariyali teej is celebrated today i.e. on Thursday. The festival falls in Shukla paksh of the Shravan and is related to greenery. It is observed that women get dressed in green clothing and wear green colored accessories and jewelries like bangles and necklaces.

On the occasion of teej, a kind of pooja is done in order to worship moon. It is thus believed that on this very day, Goddess Teejmata or Parvati celebrated union with God Shiva in pleasant green monsoon time. Thus, this festival is all dedicated to daughters of any house. The married ladies keep a fast on this Teej day and the unmarried girls take blessings from deity for a nice husband.

Women all across the country celebrate this day with devotion and mirth. It is known as the swing festival in which decorated swings are crowded with women to have a great time on them. Women sing songs, swing and enjoy the festival with great joy.