Holi greetings- send to your dear ones on Holi 2011

The festival of Holi marks end of winter season and is a great way of welcoming colorful and vibrant spring. Pichkaris, colors and people filled with different colors are seen celebrating everywhere and the festival creates a kind of social harmony people, eliminating difference between genders and the rich and poor. Holi 2011 will be celebrated on 20th March. Holi greetings and Holi message becomes much searched topics on the Internet and you can find a myriad of Holi greetings and e cards to send to your loved ones.

One the very first day, people light bonfires at night in order to signify the burning Holika. Then on the second day is called as Dhuladi in which people spend the entire day throwing different color powders as well as water on one another. Rangapanchami takes place a few days after the Dhulandi on Panchami, i.e. fifth day of full moon and it marks the end of all Happy Holi festivities.

So celebrate this wonderful and vibrant festival of colors with safe colors. Prepare gujiyas and sweets to enjoy the best of Holi 2011.

Popular Holi greetings include:

  • May your life be filled with all the colors of the season.
  • Enjoy to your heart’s content and celebrate in style. Wish you endless joy and all the happiness in the world.
  • May this Holi shower your life with colors.
  • Sing and dance in joy, play colors with great fun; may your day be filled with happy moments.
  • May your life be colored with the hues of happiness. Enjoy the festive spirit and the music of celebration.

The entire team of Allaboutindia wishes you a very Hally Holi 2011.