Honda Amaze Comparison with Swift DZire :- Detailed Review of Both Cars

Honda Amaze made it in the news the very moment it was announced for the Indian markets. Now the astonishing response of the customers towards the automobile has made it to surpass even Swift DZire in the opening booking orders. Being introduced in the compact sedan domain it puts a tough fight for the domestic car maker Maruti. Let’s check out both these rides with a closer look at their specifications.

Which one is peppier? The Styling Quotient



For those who always are attracted by the appearance of the vehicle, Swift DZire may be a turn down. Many regard this ride to be simply disproportionate while on the other end as the pictures put forward Honda Amaze is a decently conceptualized Sedan.

With smooth carvings and sleeker curves dominating the outer appearance of the vehicle it is catching the attention at a large scale.  On similar part both these rides have indicators on their rear view mirrors with blackened out B-pillars. Use of more chrome in the body fabrication gives Amaze an upper hand in style factor.


Swift Dzire Interior

Honda Amaze Interior

Honda Amaze Interior

Dashboard of both the vehicles is the inheritance of their hatchback models. Here DZire has a better say as its dashboard has better integration of style and utility features like climate control, steering placement, removable cup holder, stereo system, etc. DZire is more versatile with vibrant textures to flaunt in interiors but Amaze with its heat absorbing wind screen is more cooling and soothing.

The alignment of electronic gadget in the hood is not as complex in Amaze as in DZire. The electronically operated retractable rear view mirrors of Amaze are a really good advantage to slip out of restricted areas. Owing to their ‘Man Maximum, Machine Minimum’ philosophy Honda has proven their words with overall feel of the car. On the negative part Amaze has no adjustable headrests which is its major disadvantage. Amaze offers 400-litres in the boot space which is limited to 316 liters in DZire making the former more practically suitable.

Which is wilder on road? The Performance

Maruti DZire gets it power from an 1197cc, K-Series VVT engine churning 86 BHP of power @ 6000 rpm and a 114 Nm of torque @ 4000 rpm. On the other side Honda Amaze makes use of an 1198cc i-VTEC engine to produce produces 88 BHP of power @ 6000 rpm and 109 Nm of torque @ 4500rpm.

There is 5-speed manual gearbox in both the rides however there is option for automatic gearbox models as well. In DZire it is a 4-speed auto gearbox while in Amaze there is option for 5 speed auto gearbox providing it better performance.

The diesel models

Swift DZire Diesel uses a Fiat 1248cc Multijet engine giving 75 BHP power @ 4000 rpm and 190 Nm of torque @ 2000 rpm. While diesel Amaze churns out 98.6 BHP of power @ 3600 rpm and 200 Nm of torque @ 1750 rpm using an i-DTEC engine.

Which offer better control? The maneuverability 

Honda Amaze give you a much better riding experience on road. With lighter pedals and steering it offer you better maneuverability at higher speeds as compared to Maruti DZire. Both cars have almost the same riding and handling ease but Amaze makes a little lead over DZire with minimal advantages.

Market pricing stats

Maruti DZire models range between Rs. 5.93 lakhs – Rs. 9.02 lakhs on the other side Honda Amaze range starts at Rs. 6.08 lakhs reaching highest of Rs. 9.27 lakhs. But Amaze is worth investing the extra bucks.

Which one is the winner? Undoubtedly the Honda Amaze

Battle is really close with both the rides scoring very matching points. They have their pros and cons but altogether Amaze is better than DZire base on performance, price economy, looks and overall the brand reliability of Honda.