Housefull Movie Review – Akshay Kumar Housefull Movie Rating

After a long time and after IPL, finally a movie from Big banner coming, Akshay Kumar is ready to hit the Box office with his movie Housefull, Movie is releasing tomorrow 30th April, 2010. I have decided to go for first day first show of this movie and hence i will go for 10 AM show tomorrow.

I will post Housefull Movie review after Coming Back from this show, wait till then for review.

Housefull Movie Review

Sajid Khan does it once again with Housefull, the much awaited film release this season as the IPL gets over. It is an all in all comic film that narrates the story of two men- Akshay Kumar as Arush and Reteish Deshmukh as Bob. Their comic timing is superb, and there’s no doubt about it.

The cast includes the names like Deepika Padukone as Sandy, Lara Dutta as Heetal, Arjun Rampal as Krishna, Jiah Khan as Devika and Boman Irani. The story is about how the two men, Akshay and Reteish tries to win the heart of the family of their love interests Deepika and Lara. While Deepika has a big brother (Arjun), Lara has an estranged father (Boman). The film is woven around all these characters trying to convince the family, which leads to hilarious circumstances and eventually comes to a happy ending.

Housefull, according to Sajid Khan, is a truly “paisa wasool” film, and we agree with him. The characters have been created beautifully and the confusion and identity errors are simply amazing. It will keep you glued to the seats asking for more of comedy, which you will surely get all through this film.

The story is quite interesting considering all the elements of fun and laughter neatly woven to generate interest. Akshay Kumar and Reteish Deshmukh are at heir bets very in comedy, and so is Boman Irani. As far as the girls are concerned, they have done their bit.

The music of the film is quite peppy, by Shankar-Ehsaan and Loy. Aprt from the chartbusters like “Oh boy you are mine” and “pappa jag jayega” there is a re-composed version of “apni to jaise taise” from Laawaris, the Amitabh Bacchan starrer.

Housefull is truly a bone tickling hillarious film that will give some respite to the audiences in this scorching summer with some popcorn, cool breeze and a few hours of light hearted moments.

Review as a Critic :- If I would like to tell where is this movie laking then I would say, comedy is not natural, some old crap comic scenes which will hardly make you laugh. I was also expecting that they are trying to create funny situations but they could have done much better. There are some good comedy scenes but movie is long and you will see your watch many time during the movie and this is clear symbol of boring comedy. I can not rate more then 2.5 for this movie. However few people who just like comedy will enjoy this movie for sure.

Housefull Movie Rating :- 2.5 / 5


Housefull Youtube Trailer Video :- Here is the Link of trailer video on youtube of movie price. Enjoy the trailer and movie from today onwards.