How to get Free Airtel GRPS and Airtel Live Settings for your mobile

We all have busy schedule now a days and surfing internet became a necessary thing for all. If you are using Airtel as your mobile service, here I will tell you about how to get free GRRS settings on your Airtel Mobile.

Well, first let me tell you difference between Airtel Live and Airtel GPRS:

Airtel Live is a free service which gives you access of some limited sites, like google, yahoo, gmail, orkut, facebook and more but not all sites. Actually only those sites which are mobile compactable  airtel

Whereas Airtel GPRS is a paid service and you can open any website using Airtel GPRS. You can also access the Internet on your PC or Laptop via Airtel GPRS, you just need to connect your mobile either by Bluetooth, Infrared or Data Cable and then you can browse internet on your PC too.

Free manual Airtel Live Settings

  • Account Name – Airtel_live
  • Homepage –
  • Username – Blank
  • Password – Blank
  • Proxy – Enabled/yes
  • Proxy and Server Adress –
  • Access point Name –
  • Proxy and Server Port – 8080
  • Data bearer – GPRS/ Packet Data
  • Authentication Type – Normal

Free Manual Airtel Gprs Settings

  • Homepage – any page you want to set.
  • User Name – Blank
  • Password – Blank
  • Proxy – Enabled/yes.
  • Proxy and Server Adress –
  • Proxy and Server Port – 8080
  • Data bearer – GPRS or Packet Data.
  • Access Point Name –
  • Authentication Type – Normal
  • Use preferred access point – No

I Hope these settings will help you to access internet on your mobile and on PC via Mobile. I will soon post some hacks of Airtel GPRS like How to access internet by Airtel GPRS for free and more. Keep visiting blog or you can subscribe to RSS Feeds.