How to get your Google Adsense Account Approved in India through Indyarocks

Google Adsense is an application owned and run by Google Incorporated that serves randomly generated ads to website owners to place on their websites. When visitors click on these ads the webmasters earn money from Google.

It is however very difficult for a non-US (especially Indian) blogger or webmaster to get approved into Google Adsense as its approval policies are generally very complicated and they demand a lot of requirements which would be difficult for newbies to fulfill. For example, your website/blog content must be completely new and created on your own, and not copied; your domain must be registered under your ownership for at least 6 months; your primary domain URL should not be a subdomain or contain extensions such as and so forth. Not knowing these circumstances newbies submit their Adsense application which would get rejected 90% of the time.

Google Adsense Logo

But now there’s hope for everyone around.

Now you can easily get approved into Adsense by making use of – an Indian social networking site officially partnered with Adsense and which shares 100% of your Adsense revenue. Google ads will be displayed on your Indyorocks profile and blog. All you need to do is register (for free), fulfill their minimum criteria in order to apply for Adsense and submit your application. If their criteria are well met your application will be approved and you will get their welcome email within maximum 10-15 days (even 2-3 days in some cases).

Follow these simple steps:

1) Register at Indyarocks here: Register With Indyarocks

2) Make your profile look attractive. Customize it with themes, colours, your personal info, etc.

3) Now follow their minimum criteria:

a) Upload your personal display pic
b) Upload minimum 10 photos to your album
c) Write AT LEAST 2 blogs ON YOUR OWN

Remember you MUST write blogs on your own, as you do when you write a normal blog, else your approval may be rejected.

If the above 3 simple and fast steps are properly followed your Adsense application submitted through will get approved 99% of the time.

Once approved this is what your Adsense status page will look like

And remember once you get approved you can use the VERY SAME google adsense codes on your personal website or blog, and not necessarily use Indyarocks to continue using adsense thereafter.

Enjoy – and for queries feel free to comment 🙂