How to get your old Facebook chat back?

Facebook the very popular and biggest social networking site recently updated various features such as video call and the cheat feature, the Sidebar chat. However FB users do not like this new chat feature at all. The new chat feature does not allow the users to see who all are online and just shows few friends to interact with. This is in fact very irritating for the users who have a large number of friends on Facebook.

Steps to get Old Facebook Chat Back:

But you can get your old Facebook chat back easily now. If you are a Google Chrome user, go to Chrome Settings > Tools > Extensions > Get More Extensions > type “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disable” and install it.

facebook old chat

Alternative Method to Get Rid of New Facebook Chat:

Also, you can install the Grease monkey script to get rid of the new Facebook Sidebar chat option. Head over to the Greasemonkey script and click on install button. This way, you will be able to install script and then revert the FB chat to its older version.

The script works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome when the Greasemonkey add on is properly installed. In case you use some browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, you can use the Greasemonkey script as well and get your old FB chat back in no time.