How to play safe Holi & protect yourself with herbal, eco friendly colors

From almost all Indian festivals, Holi is the most vibrant and colorful festival. Indeed, it is the festival of colors and in the ancient periods, this festival was especially welcomed through preparing various natural Holi colors using the household ingredients and flowers. But with passage of time, people started living hectic lives and so they used the chemical, readymade colors available easily in the markets. This can in fact have bad effect on yoru health and especially on the skin and can lead to brittle dry hair, skin allergies and rashes and eye injuries.

You can so prepare yourself for Holi colors in advance. Though it is nice to wear some comfortable clothes it is also imperative to ensure that the clothes you wear should cover most of your body parts. Apply some mustard or coconut oil all over the body. Also, you can paint the nails with good quality nail enamel. It is also a nice option to use petroleum jelly under the nails, on lips and behind your ears where you find that there is a possibility of getting the colors stuck.

You can even use the hair oil on hair length and scalp. This is important because the oil forms a kind of layer on the hair and skin thereby avoiding the harmful colors from going deep under your skin and hair roots. You can apply some sunscreen lotion as well after letting oil absorb in the hair and skin.

It is also wise to use the herbal colors on Holi. It is a truth that you cannot stop people from coming to you and using the readymade chemical filled colors, but you can buy a huge amount of herbal colors and offer people to use them with you. Further, this amount that you will spend on buying the herbal colors will be way cheaper than the charges that you might have to pay to a dermatologist after getting rashes or allergies on your skin due to use of chemical colors. So when buying the herbal colors, try to feel them first. They need to be powdery and soft just like a talcum powder. Make sure that the colors are not gritty or grainy.

Also, after enjoy fully in the festival of colors, there are few things that you can do to ensure that the colors come off easily.

Wash off the hair using plain water so that the color can come off with ease. After that, use some mild and soft herbal shampoo having ingredients like amla, reetha and shikakai.

In case the color doesn’t seem to be coming off, use some warm olive oil. You can rub your skin with soft cloth. Or better apply some herbal pack that or curd. You can then use milk and gram flour to make the color come off without any problems. This will even soften your skin.

To remove the colors from your skin, wash yourself using cold water. Then rub lemon wedges on the skin because lemon is the natural bleaching agent which contributes in removing the stains. After careful rubbing, wash the wedges off from your skin and use loads of moisturizer to make your skin smooth. You can even opt to use a cleanser for this purpose.

Rather than buying the chemical colors, you can prepare eco friendly and herbal colors at home. For the yellow color, mix turmeric powder and chick pea flour or what is known as besan together. You can also boil tesu flowers or the marigold flowers in water to make yellow Holi color. To prepare pink color, what all you need to do is to just slice the beetroot and sock it in water. You will get deep pink color to play in a natural and herbal way. For orange and red paste, you can dry the henna leaves and mix it in water.

So now when you know how to protect yourself this Holi and how to prepare herbal colors at home, enjoy this festival with your loved ones.