How to Register for Indian Idol 6 :- Audition Dates & Venues Information

Indian Idol is the popular show that we have been watching since 2004 on the Sony Television. It is indeed the great music reality show that is liked and loved by all. Last year, Indian Idol 5 was announced as Sreeram. If you have that liking and skills to showcase your signing talent, you can now participate in Indian Idol 6. The season 6 of Indian Idol will start soon and there is news that the auditions and registration will start soon in 2012.

Indian Idol 6 venues and audition dates will be announced soon. It is important to note that the Indians can participate in the show only. The season 6 auditions will take place at different venues and dates very soon. The registration process for the Indian Idol 6 is simple as well.

Indian Idol 6

Indian Idol 6

Indian Idol 6 registration:

To register for the season 6 of Indian Idol, all you need to do is to just call at 5052525 and give in your details.

Audition Dates & Venues for Indian Idol 6:

As far as the audition venues and dates are concerned, you can have a look below at the details.

3rd and 4th March- Kolkata

9th and 10th March- Delhi

15th March- Indore

19th March- Ahmedabad

23rd and 24th March- Mumbai

In all, the show offers great opportunities for the people to make best stage performances. To participate in the show and to showcase your talent, you can go ahead and look for more details about Indian Idol 6. This is indeed the biggest show on Sony TV.

Allaboutindia will keep you updated and post more as soon as we get latest details about the show. So, what are you waiting for? Just hone your singing skills and you will be able to participate in this amazing reality show.