How to send free SMS from PC to Mobile Phone

When was the last time you thought of skipping sending someone a sms just because you have low balance? Well what one needs is a free sms service and believe me, by the time you complete this article you will get one.

SMS (Short Message Service) has become extremely popular recently. People prefer sending messages when it comes to calling as its cheap and one can talk to the point and end the message unlike what happens in case of phone calls, even after our purpose is completed we continue talking. I, myself, send more than 700- 800 sms a day. But again that’s only because I have got a cheap tariff.  So for the people unlike me who don’t have decent tariff plans, what should they do? In order to facilitate their sending messages a new system has been introduced in the world of internet long ago but very few know about it.

One can send sms from a pc just as easily as sending it from a mobile. At times this proves to be even easier. There are several sites which provide this type of facility, some free of cost and some others require a registration. Some even allow one to post anonymous messages. So below I am listing the sites which allow one to send free sms to any mobile around the world. Go the following sites and have a good time saving your money.–

Finally as a bonus I am also listing some of the sites offering anonymous messaging. So now it’s time for you to prank someone too.

Hope you all enjoyed the list. 🙂