HP Pre 3 Review: specifications, features & Price in India

HP Pre 3 is Palm Pre 3 on the steroids, providing great processor, bigger display screen and spacious keyboard. The HP Pre 3 utilizes webOS operating system and is just amazing. In the webOS, all applications that you run can be easily seen on home screen in the window called as “card”. To switch to different work, you can simply swipe through cards to get what you want and even tap to open it. In order to close some running application, swipe the card off the screen top. Thus the whole process is satisfying and speedy.

Design and features of HP Pre 3

The HP Pre 3 is featured with the largest screen and keyboard of Pre family. In fact, the keyboard is equipped with rubbery, square keys that are simple to use. Thanks courtesy QWERTY keyboard and the support offered for integrated inbox for the emails are just amazing. In fact, it can be said that HP Pre 3 is just great for the messaging freaks.

HP Pre 3

Final verdict

In all, HP Pre 3 looks like powerful, bigger upgrade of Pre as well as Pre 2. The webOS software is easy to utilize. However lack of various applications means that you might miss out on some fun attached with the Smart phone.

Price in India

It is expected that the HP Pre 3 is available at a price tag of around Rs 20,000 in India. This is an affordable price tag considering the number of features and applications provided by the HP Pre 3 phone.