HTC Touch 2 Review – going beyond smartness

The HTC Touch 2 is the newest entrant in the touch screen based Smartphone category. The phone is quite smart and elegant. The uniqueness of the HTC Touch 2 is derived out of that fact that it is among the first Windows based phones, Windows mobile 6.5 to be more specific. It also makes use of a redesigned Internet Explorer Mobile for greater web browsing pleasure and supports Flash content such as the You Tube videos. An advanced user interface that is, the TouchFlo and features such as Google Maps for mobile is sure to get you hooked to

The HTC Touch 2 is primarily designed keeping in mind the mid-range market. Features complement the expectations that people have out of an HTC phone and the price range is expected to be affordable too, especially as one goes higher up the tariff plans chosen. The landscape QWERTY keyboard makes for quick emailing, putting office applications right into your hands. The HTC Touch 2 thus tries to fulfill on its promise of “in touch in control.”

The HTC Touch 2 places prominent importance on the factors of human experience and interactions. As such you can get more out of the phone with an experience that is second to none and is extremely easy to understand and use as well. The Touch 2 is a supreme example of showcasing what you have as it offers the best in terms of service and experience. The HTC Touch 2 in its whole, expanses the radiation of professionalism. It thus, puts an end to the long awaited wait of a complete Smartphone, one that can’t get any smarter than the HTC Touch 2.

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