Hyderabad News – Curfew in Hyderabad Due to Hindu-Muslim Riots

It seems Hyderabad is Coming in trouble every now and then first there was huge trouble due to Telangana Issue and now from past few days City is struggling with Hindu Muslim Riots.

Latest update is that The curfew was imposed after 2 fresh matters of violence took place near  historic Charminar — Shahali Banda, Moghalpura, Aliabad, Lal Darwaza, Shamsheergunj and other localities. Groups of Hindus and Muslims pelted each other with stones during the riots

The curfew was forced in all Seventeen police stations of Hyderabad , which come under south zone, Police Commissioner A.K. Khan said. Trouble broke out in Shahali Banda when a group tried to attack a place of worship.

One man was stabbed to death and many more were injured in street battles,” AK Khan, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, said on Tuesday .

We have imposed a curfew on parts of the city because we did not want the situation to escalate.

Police also arrested hundreds of suspected people who were spreading violence through the predominantly Muslim “old city” of Hyderabad,

Police fired rubber bullets, used teargas shells and baton-charged the mob. Police is trying to control situation and Petrolling is increased in the city as well as additional force are there on back up.

Hope situation will be better before tomorrow morning.