I am Kalam: movie review and rating

I Am Kalam is a great movie worth watching. Chotu played by Harsh Mayar is a kid who is left behind by his own mother at roadside dhaba for working as helper and thus supports the family financially. While offering food at the dhaba, he befriends a kid of his similar age, Ranvijay Singh played by Husaan Saad, the descendant of a royal family. The quick learner and keen observer Chotu is helped by Ranvijay in the field of education. On learning that the Indian President Abdul Kalam suffered various hardships in childhood, the protagonist Chotu rechristens himself as the popular President and aims to become like the learned man.

I am Kalam

Though the movie does not flaunt independent soundtrack, Nila Madhab Panda, the director of the film uses music as a great tool to tell his story. Greatly effective and mind boggling is the scene in which musicians from various nations and cultures play together, making way for harmony at roadside dhaba. Yet another scene that takes away the attention is where Chotu vents out all his anger and irritation through music in dry and dark desert.

The protagonist, Harsh Mayar is truly comfortable performing in front of camera and plays a very natural and realistic role. Whether it is some dramatic moment or a comic scene, the child artist is really confident and worthy of getting the National Award.

Nila Madhab Panda’s directorial debut is in fact a sweet gem. It is in fact one among the rare movies that are moving and simple. The film shows that dreams come true. It is basically one’s karma, not kismet that makes one fulfill his or her dreams. The movie’s narrative includes various excellent moments that the audiences will remember for long time. The movie even handles the issue of child labor very neatly.

I am Kalam Movie Rating 4/5