IFFI – International Film Festival of India commences in Goa

The 40th International Film Festival of India or the IFFI in short got underway in the state of Goa yesterday, the 23rd of November 2009. This 11 day extravaganza is the biggest and most prestigious annual film event in South Asia till date. After the tragic and unfortunate 26/11 terror attacks that rocked Mumbai last year the 2008 IFFI had to be canceled, and the spectacular show in 2007 which generated money in millions and the fact that thousands gathered in front of the INOX multiplex theater to have a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood superstarts, the Entertainment Society of India is looking forward to make it even bigger and better than its predecessors. And what better ambiance could you expect when it is being held in the beautiful city of Panaji, capital of Goa state? It will be 11 days of action packed entertainment will end on 3rd December and I would call you nothing less than “lucky” if you’re residing in Goa at this time.indian_panorama_poster

Right then let’s get down to the technicalities of this time’s Film Festival. The IFFI is divided into 4 main sections, as mentioned below:

1) Film Programs:

The Film Programming is the core of the festival and screens nearly 300 films during the period of 11 days across 10 Auditoria and 3 preview rooms in the cities of Panaji and Margao in Goa.
The most popular sections in the film programming include competitions for feature films from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Cinema of the World, Tributes, Homages, Retrospectives, Country Focus, Indian Panorama and specially curated sections.

2) Non Film Programs:

Non film programming includes a range of seminars, symposium, debates, product and service presentation, pitching sessions etc.
Film Bazar conducts scripting workshops, home production forums etc. and Short Film Center apart from having the International competition for Shorts and Documentaries below 30 minutes also organises another competition of shorts and documentaries on environmental issues. The award money for both the competition sections is USD 26000.
The Short Film Center is a business platform which serves the interests of film producers, actors, cinematographers, sound recordists, funding agencies, film festival programmers at the festival. A total of nearly 500 films are likely to be registered at the Short Film Center.

3) Cultural Programs

The festival conducts a special festival fair at the Corniche between Old GMC and Kala Academy. This fair is organised by the picturesque River Mandovi between 23rd November to 3rd December 2009. The fair presents glimpses into the life and culture of Goa and an opportunity for festival delegates and local population to celebrate this festival of Cinema.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this grand annual event which lasts only for 10 days.