Inception Review : An Event That Is about To begin-A mind blowing Sci-Fi thriller

‘Inception’ the latest flick by Christopher Nolan is a Sci-fi thriller featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy. The movie is sure to make your mind think and re-think and make believe you that, ‘mind is a perfect place for a crime scene.’

As the movie opens we see Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio) lying unconscious on the beach. An armed guard founds him on the beach and takes him into a room of an aged man. The man speaks quite enigmatically. Cobb is found to carry a gun and ‘totem’.

There is a cut back in the plot and it is a dream wherein, we see a crime is being performed by Cobb and histeam-Nash (Lukas Hass), an architect whose job is to create and maintain a dream world and Arthur (Joseph Gordon) ‘point-man’. They are shown to be in the Saito’s mind (Ken Watanabe). He is unknown to them but is conscious of their sham and is continuously auditioning them.

The plot of the movie is quite impressive and the fact that it brought out is that, ‘If a person is hurt in their dreams they are sure witness the same sense of pain in the real time. But in case they die in their dreams, they are sure to wake-up.”

The Saito and team are brought back to Japan, a real world. Here they are coupled with a unique device found in a briefcase which injects compounds in their systems which lull them into an experience of shared dream. The team is able to escape because of being eluded by Saito. But unfortunately, Cobb and Arthur confront Saito. Saito succeeds in convincing Cobb to work as an ‘inception’ in lieu of his independence-to return home to his kids.

Cobb in the process recruits Eames (Tom Hardy), a trickster to shift identities within a dream and an architect Aridane (Ellen Page), student to construct dreams. While Ariadne is training inside Cob’s mind she gradually comes to know what haunts Cobb the most-it is a vision of his beloved wife’s death.

Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy) is chosen as a target for inception. The motive is to lead him to split-up his dad’s empire. To fulfill their mission Cobb and his team passes down through various levels, each is a successive dream of the last. With each the time slows down. Owing to the effects of the drugs and dream’s depth a person can die if a person enters limbo’s state. The time factor is so compounded that is, minutes may feel as if decades.

Cobb and Mal have spent years in the state of limbo before appearing in the reality in their original selves. They carry ‘Totem’, little objects carried by them to make them conscious of their state as a dreamer. Mal suffers a psychological breakdown after she wakes from her limbo. She leaps out of the window with Cobb watching her helplessly. She leaves a note, telling about her depression.

The team soon boards Boeing 747 which is carrying Fischer. They drug him and enter his dream. In between they are helped by Yusuf (Dileep Rao), chemist to achieve a state of deep dream. In the initial phase, Fischer is located and kidnapped. But the team is assaulted by the mercenaries. Saito is injured but does not die because of the fear of losing the mind. Eames soon takes the being of Peter Browing, Fischer’s grandfather and extracts all the necessary information. They soon glide into another dream wherein, they are being chased by the mercenaries in a van. The team lulls into confidence in a hotel and convinces him to find the reason why his own confidant working against him.

In an attempt to break-in Fisher gets killed by Cobb and gets into a state of limbo. Aridane and Cobb follow him to reclaim the mission. Mal tries to confront them return Fischer’s to the mountain compound. In the dream Fischer realizes that his father wanted him to be a man of his choice. In between the Saito died and Cobb remained in the state of limbo to bring him back. When Cobb is able to find Saito he is an old man. Here, we get to relate the opening scene with the cut back.

So, everyone wake-up to be alive. Cobb as promised by Saito is given leeway to go to United States of America to his children. The movie ends leaving all in jeopardy, is it a reality or a dream, as the totems, mid-spin and begins to wobble.