Indian Idol 5 -16 May Episode 13 Summery and Video Download

A new week started of Indian Idol and what a start to the show it was!!Fans of Salim-Sulaiman would have surely enjoyed every movement of it as Salim sang his composed hit song ‘Yeh Hausla’ from the movie ‘Dor’.
But if you think this was all then hold on as the other judges Sunidhi Chauhan and Anu Malik performed with the contestants on songs ‘Dhadhak Dhadhak’ and ‘Jeene ke hain chaar din’ respectively.

Now as you all know 13 contestants are selected this time instead of 12 for the final round,the show promised to be a rocking one.Before the first contestant for today Vishwas came to perform,the respected judges shared their Idols.

Today’s theme was based on the Idols of the contestants where in the contestant will chose one song of their Idol to sing..Vishwas who always looked upon to Sukhwinder Singh as his Idol,sang his popular number  Chak De India.The judges,specially Anu Malik was completely thrilled by his performance,even though Sunidhi and Salim thought that he can perform much better.

Next was Yashraj Kapil to step onto the stage who saw his Idol in his dad and was always inspired by him.He chosed ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ from ‘Kites’ as his first performance of the Gala’s.Here too,Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant had the same opinion saying that he didn’t sang with feeling but Anu jee termed it as one of his finest performance.

Manisha Karmakar came next who for a change didn’t had any Idol with some Music Connection,but she found Napolean as her Idol because he always inspired her to do something in life.The song she sang was ‘Kabhi na Kabhi’ from the same movie.Sunidhi Chauhan corrected her showing her the right attitude for the song.Neither Salim nor Anu jee were impressed by her singing.

Sonu Nigam has inspired many and in this show we had Shivam inspired by him and he was the next to come with the song ‘Tere Naina’.This performance was so good that all the judges,which is very rare,had the same decision,about the rocking performance.

If you thought that Indian Idol was always about singing then think again,because the famous jodi of Comedy Circus ‘Krushna-Sudhesh’ stepped on,to refresh the audience.After giving a superb, full of laughter performance,Tia Kar entered next who had Sunidhi Chauhan as her Idol sang ‘Aisa Lagta hai’ with full dedication.All the judges liked it but requested her to be more cheerful which will help her in being a better singer.

Swaroop who ended the show with his song,surely made sure that the end should be as rocking as its start,which can be make out by the way he sang ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’.The audience applauded as never before in this season and the completely agreed with them.

Overall this episode was surely a complete entertainer.

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Atif Kadri