India seen as a magnetizing hub of drugs: Report

A US report revealed that despite all possible efforts to combat this crime, India has turned out to be a center of drugs and is also a magnetizing transshipment place for heroin jump for Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and North America.

The two prime sources of illicit opium and other narcotic drugs are Southwest Asia (the Golden Crescent) and Southeast Asia (the Golden Triangle). India is located in between the two centers which make it an attractive transshipment area for heroin bound for Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and North America, according to the 2011 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report of the State Department.

The report stated, “India has become a hub of drugs sold through illegal Internet pharmacies and the misuse of courier services, despite constant efforts by governments at all levels to combat this sort of crime.”

The report also said that India is the largest producer of licit opium. It is also the only sanctioned user of the gum method of opium production for pharmaceutical preparations.

The annual State Department report indicates that though the use of drugs like heroine and cocaine is diminishing but the conventional drugs in India, i.e., cannabis, opium and alcohol is paving the route for synthetic drugs like Amphetamine Type Stimulants (ATS) and prescription drugs, which are very easily accessible either through courier or via Internet.

The report said, “The emerging drug abusers in India are young, affluent professionals, beneficiaries of India’s recent rapid economic growth, using chemicals to stay awake longer or feel relaxed. With seventy percent of India’s population below 35 years of age, the potential number of substance abusers is very large.”