India vs. Pakistan World Cup Semifinal 2011 Match Preview

The clash between India and Pakistan cricket team is the most charged and excited moment for cricket fans. The match is always full of action with thrill and hair-raising suspense is guaranteed sight. For the world cup cricket 2011, both arch-rivals will face each other on Wednesday at Mohali with all winning motive.

If we glance through the history of cricket matches played between India and Pakistan in world cup series, India kept on its dominance over Pakistan in all previous matches. As the cricket is game of uncertainty, this time, players from India and Pakistan gear up for splendid performance, and it will be hasty to predict which side will win the match. Both teams are full of energy and enthusiasms. They are looking forward to have a fierce clash at Mohali cricket ground.

Dhoni vs Afridi

Critics see both teams in terms of batting and bowling lineup. India will retort with its insurmountable batting lineup while Pakistan will collapse it with its fierce bowling orders. Top players from India like Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir and Kohli, Yuvraj are in good form. They are likely to display their explosive battings in the forthcoming match.

Pakistan players, on the other hand didn’t stand on the occasion in the whole tournament with its batting lineup. However, the strong bowling orders will pose grave concern for Indian players. Pakistan will put pressure on Indian batsmen with players like Wahab Riaz, S Ajmal, Umar Gul, Abdul Razzaq and Mohammad Hafeez. Shahid Afridi, the awesome and awful figure of Pakistan’s team will probably turn the table as the hulky man is one of the leading wicket takers in the tournament.