Indian Idol 2010 Episode 5 – Mumbai Auditions Youtube Video Download & Summery

Today was the day for Mumbai auditions all that judges entered n there came the first contestant of the day Merlyn who is d designer singing in a great style but could not make it to get the yellow card from the judges, then came a contestant name Suresh Kumar Dwivedi he owns a sandwich stall in Mumbai brought some sandwiches for the judges but unfortunately couldn’t impress the judges neither with is voice nor with is sandwiches

It was a tough day for the judges as no good singers were found an all of them were disappointed so all of them did some time pass by moving out in the corridors n making surile voices ………….after a long wait came a contestant named Manisha from Kolkata. An angelic voice which gave some energy to the judges and she sang so well that all that judges were impressed and couldn’t stop giving a yellow card to her and the judges were confident that she will definitely make to top three

Then came some singers witch couldn’t impress the judges after all there came a girl called Tiya Kar pretty nice voice anu liked her very much and gave her the yellow card. Then came Abhijeet Sawatn with a belt in hand acting like a gabbar and asked prajacta about this years contestants and he remembered tha Chang was in Nagpur to find some good singers and pata chala Chang car was spoiled in Nagpur and then he gets a Suzuki bike and nikal padta hai apni search mei at last he reaches Nagpur the city of oranges and finds out a handful of good singers and all these came to Mumbai with him but unfortunately none of his selected contestants got selected accept one named Geetesh……a good personality he enjoyed whatever he sang n impressed the judges n won the yellow card for himself.

Then comes a contestant named Altamash Fadiri who sang piya re piya re and mei hoon na  sinidhi liked him but anu didn’t n there was an argument among him but luckily altamash got one more chance ……….but after all anu malik is anu malik n he told after singing to that contestants flat singing he got a doubt on his talent specially when sunidhi praised him so that contestant got one more chance n at last won anu maliks heart n got a yellow card

Then starts a small episode named as Indian idol extras where they showed some contestant who got slected  named Aman trika, Anirudh Bhola and Farid Ahmed

Indian Idol 2010 Episode 5 Youtube Video

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Post Credit :- Rashmi Kewlani