Indian Idol 5 5th May Episode discussion – Elimination Day

Today was monday,the day of elimination.But it started with 2 current sensation making their entry in the show.Katrina Kaif,Arjun Rampal made a grand entry in the show to promote their next film,Prakash Jha’s RAJNEETI.One of the contestants amongst Swaroop,Shivam and Sashi were in the bottom 3 this week,leaving all the judges in shock.
But before their news of was declared they song some fantastic songs which gather praise from all the judges as well as the actors.
Sriram who was a big fan of Katrina Kaif came on the stage to impress her with his song and he surely did.After this all the contestants were made to write one name whom they won’t wish to see in the top 11.Most of them wrote Tia’s name,because of which she was a bit dissapointed but her disappointment wasn’t for long as she got the news of being safe this week.Manisha was the next one to get the news of making it to top 11.
The film Rajneeti and Indian Idol had one more connection and that connection was Antara Mitra,an ex-finalist of Indian Idol and who had given her voice to the Hit song ‘Bheegi Si’ from the same film.She made an entry in the show which surely boost the contestants confidence.
After her exit,Katrina and Arjun also went wishing all the best to all the contestants.
Naushad got his news of being in the top 11 along with  Yashraj Kapil who was the next entry in the last 11,also was Rakesh Maini,but someone who wasn’t there was Meghna.Yes,she was the one in the bottom 3 of this week.With her were Shivam and Arpita,but soon the other 2 found them safe and Meghna was eliminated this week.The episode concluded with her exit before which she sang a beautiful song’Duma Dum Mast Kalandar’.Thus one more contestant’s journey ended on a Monday.