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The contestant took full advantage of his second chance and got his place booked in the next round.
If previous day the fun was lacking somewhere,a fortune teller had it in him to tickle your funny bone…sum contetsant  continued that fun and then came a 27 yrs old guy Rakesh from Punjab…He tried to impress the judges thereby being succesful in his attempt..The judges didn’t clearly stated that he was selected thereby making him to call his parents..but his joy knew no bounds when we finally knew he was selected
A Delhi girl Anupama was next to come who wasn’t much interested in singing but had much interest in our respected judge Salim Merchant…She met him and her dream finally came true.

The judges were in some mood for mischief thus making fun of some contestants.The fun got over and entered 18 yr old Aamir Ali whose financial position wasn’t stable but was an able singer and he proved it when the judges liked his singing

The selection process continued with some more talented contestant who won judges heart and had an ability to go far ahead

Next were Ahmedabad auditions..Bhoomi was the first to come who had tasted failure in previous auditions of Indian Idol…She sang a slow classic and one Gujrati mix English rap and impressed judges so much that they didn’t hesisted once to give her the yellow ticket…In fact Anu jee liked so much that he told she would atleast be in top 5.
If Delhi had that fun factor then Ahmedabad wasn’t far…Here also we had some funny contestant to provide some laughter..An hyderabadi came to the audition room thereby promising to rock in the show and succesfully took the ticket to Mumbai…
Shehnaz Sheikh from Kutch had in her to be a success story in this season and it clearly was stated by the way she sang…In fact Anu Malik who is hard to impress praised her very much
Indian Idol isn’t complete without some dissapointment which was seen by the contestant Devendra.
Ex Idol Ankita visited the city of Udaipur to select contestants from Ahmedabad.

Naushad was the first guy to be selected from there.Next came a classical singer who surely knew how to play with his vocal chords.He with the help of instruments created magic in the auditions.He surely deserved to be finalist this season.

Thus A succesful Ahmedabad auditions thus concluded.

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