Indian Idol 5 Top 13 – Details & Analysis of Episode 12 Piano Round

Shivam, Vishwas, and Shashi Sang dhantanan with full masti

Even Anu and Shahis danced on the song was full of masti than came Asit.


Song: Tumhe jo mene dekha ttumhe jo mene chaha

Sang very nicely with all the emotions fell and masti salim told he sang well but his sur were very shaken same as what sunidhi felt Anu told he has to do more Riyaaz .

Then came special guests change and veer das and they showed how a contestant of Indian got all fame from being a contestant who came to gave auditions among thousands of people, his journey in Indian idol 3 as a contestant and as a host in Indian idol 4 after that he hosted the international IPL and then the movie Badmash Company and veer das told about some pranks played by Shahid and crew as Chang and Veerdas didn’t know to dance well and Anushka told them to dance an all of them danced on title track on badmash company .

Then came yashraj


Song: Maa

Sang so very well that the person hearing him would have tears in their eyes he sang with so much feeling and emotions

Sunidhi, Salim, Anu all of them liked it so did Shahid and Anushka .


Song: Pyar ki ye kahani suno

Sang very well today with so much of ease all the judges liked her performance.


Song: Chalo tum ko lekar chale

Superbly sang with so much of sweetness enthusiasm and feelings Shahid told her to say the sentence “koi bhi business pese se bada nai hota bade idea se bada hota hai “and asked her to repeat she talked to sweetly in Bengali accent and she asked Shahid to teach her 1-2 steps and Shahid taught her  Anushka told her she had a very sweet voice Salim told she has fabulous voice Sunidhi so wanted her in the competition and she was proud of her Anu felt she was ok .

Then came the trailer of Badmash Company and after that all judges went to discuss and then was the time for results

Out of which Naushad, Shreeram,  Arpita,  Megna,  Rakesh and Yash got selected

And now there were 13 contestants instead of 12 so now its top 13. Here are top 13 of Indian Idol 5.

  1. Vishwas Rai
  2. Bhumi Trivedi
  3. Meghna Kumar
  4. Yashraj Kapil
  5. Swaroop Khan
  6. Sashi Suman
  7. Shivam Pathak
  8. Naushad Ali Kawa
  9. Manisha Karmakar
  10. Arpita Khan
  11. Rakesh Maini
  12. Tia Kar
  13. Sreeram Chandra

Hope the best singer will win Indian Idol 2010.

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Rashmi Kewlani