Indian Idol Kolkata Auditions Video Download Episode 3

The Kolkata auditions started as usual with the usual selections and rejections and 2 constestant got selected within the first half of the show..The highlight of the show however remained a 26 yr old local who was unhappy with the judges rejection,even though his singing was terrible and bad mouthed Anu Malik when we went out of the room..Anu replied to him in his own way.

The following contestant also was dissapproved by Anu Malik but this was not accepted by Salim Merchant which led to a small rift between them.

Tulika Das who entered next was surely a complete package of singing according to Salim Merchant for which he also applauded her..Anu Malik again had a bit different opinion and thus called her mom complaining that she lacked tempo..But he decided to give her a chance from his side as Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant were already ready

Ex Idol Emon Chatterjee went on a hunt to select some potential singers for the audition.The first girl which he selected for the auditions quite impressed the judges.Not only her many of the singers got selected for the next auditions.

Ex Singing Star Usha Utthap made an entry in the show with some of the singers who take training from her.First girl from her side satisfyingly took the yellow ticket but the judges pretended that the next one wasn’t so good.But it was just to surprise her and thus they later selected her.
Jayeeta Roy came next who was the reason for Usha Utthap to plead in front of the judges to give her a chance.The judges thus decided to give her a chance but even then Jayeeta failed.

She was the last one from Kolkata auditions after which the episode ended.

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