Infant mortality rate reduces by 60percent

Specialists hold the view that better medical facilities, care and technology has resulted in steady decline in number of children who die before the first birthday though the ones who are born to the young mothers are at higher risk.


The Office for National Statistics reported that 3,191 children died before they actually turned one in the year 2009, the record low rate being at 4.5 deaths every 1,000 live births. Further, this shows that there is a 60% reduction on figure of the 7,899 recorded deaths in the year 1980 i.e. 12 deaths every 1,000 births.


The total number of babies who died within a span of 28 days from birth reduced by 60% over the last three decades and the number of infants who lost their lives from a month to a year old reduced by 68%.


The director of Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, Joyce Epstein said that the mothers under the age of 20 years have been more likely to face cot death than the older mothers, generally for a range of health, economic and social reasons and this the reason because of which FSID has laid stress on its recent task of reaching the group with Reduce the Risk of Cot Death advice.