Internet Explorer 9 Download : Microsoft launches IE 9 PP7

Software giant, Microsoft has announced launch of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Platform Preview 7 with a view to improving performance of internet browsing.

The new version of IE9 is somewhat different from older version IE 9 Platform Preview 6 especially in terms of advanced browsing experienced which its former counterpart lacks of.

“We continue to experience more developer excitement and speedy user adoption of the Internet Explorer Beta. Since the launch of beta versioned IE9, we have already had over 13 million downloads of Internet Explorer 9 beta. And most importantly, it continues to be our fastest adopted browser to date,” said Microsoft’s Ziad Ismail.

Adding further he said, ““Download IE9 Beta today and see first-hand what a browser built for real-world performance can enable.”

According to a result (from SunSpider scale) based on web browsing experience, the Internet Explorer 9 PP7 is admittedly the fastest browser in all across the world in terms of JS.

“There is growing momentum into popularity of IE9 all across the globe. Since the launch of the beta, we have experienced tremendous influx of downloading requests from countless users. And, it continues to be our fastest adopted browser to date,” said SunSpider scale.

How to Download IE 9