iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 : The War of Best Smartphone

When it comes to comparing the top Smartphones available in the market as of now, we have two options i.e. the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2. Though the Galaxy SII is newer in market and iPhone 4 is a year old, the two Smartphones are still comparable and competitive. Our review will let you know which phone wins the war of best Smartphone.


Apple iPhone 4 is featured with the 3.5 inches LED backlit TFT IPS capacitive touch screen having 16M colors. Also, it is equipped with the Scratch resistant oleophobic surface, three axis gyro sensor, proximity sensor for the auto turn off, accelerometer sensor for the auto rotate option and the multi touch input method. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is packed with 4.3 inches Super AMOLED Plus capacitive isplay having 16 M colors and Gorilla Glass display, accelerometer sensor for the UI auto rotate, touch sensitive controls, TouchWiz UI v4.0 and the multi touch method.

iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

Further, the display of Galaxy S2 is larger than the iPhone 4 making the Samsung phone a clear winner in this department. Also, Galaxy S2’s 800 x 480 has noticeable smaller resolution when compared with iPhone 4 thanks courtesy Apple’s great retina display technology.


Apple iPhone 4 just goes up to 32 GB storage and is not featured with the SD card. But you can have the iPhone 4 in 16GB or 32GB capacities. On the other side, the Galaxy S2 is packed with 16GB memory and comes with the SD card slot that can be expanded up to 32 GB.


Both Smartphones have cameras that are capable of photos and videos though the Galaxy S2 has more settings as far as picture taking are concerned. Even with the advanced apps for iPhone 4, the Galaxy S2 out performs in the camera category. The Samsung Smartphone is featured with 8 MP rear facing camera that is capable of offering amazing HD videos and the 2 MP front facing camera.


Battery life on the Smartphones is generally seen to be iffy. The early versions of iPhone were known for bad and poor battery life. But this section has now been worked upon and improved. The Samsung S2 on the other side is packed with more battery life than iPhone 4 by around 200 milliamps.

Final verdict

Both the Smartphones are great. But if you are the type of customer who loves a lot of control, then the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great option. But in case you like iOS and Apple, there is definitely no replacement for iPhone 4. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a bit cheaper as well than iPhone.

So, take your decision and research carefully for the features you want and then buy the best Smartphone among Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Apple iPhone 4.