IPhone 4S vs. Blackberry- which is the better pick?

BlackBerry has so many models released to its credits, but Apple’s iPhone 4s alone seems to be enough for most of them. Apple’s iPhone 4s has a single competitor from BlackBerry in the form of BlackBerry 9900. 9900 scores over the iPhone 4s on the point that it has a QWERTY keypad along with touch interface. This very fact turns out to be a demerit as well.  It means that the screen is relatively small with lower resolution as compared to the retina display full HD view of iPhone 4s.

Features on the IPhone

On paper the iPhone 4s’s processor should run faster because it is of 1.2 Ghz as compared to BlackBerry’s 1 Ghz processor. But the later actually ruins faster due to the dual core chip. iPhone 4s scores over the fact that it supports both CDMA and GSM while BlackBerry does not. iPhone 4s has a superior version of Bluetooth, V4.0 whereas BlackBerry sports the standard V2.0.


With the latest addition of iOS 5, the operating system, iPhone 4s stands tad superior to the BlackBerry Operating System 7. The BlackBerry internet security (BIS) offers better security when it comes to using of internet. The last battle however is won by iPhone 4s’s specialty, SIRI. The new addition of voice recognition makes the phone stand out from most other mobile phones.

Which one to choose?

If you are one of the gadget lovers, then there is very little to choose from between the two brands. SIRI makes iPhone 4s a better phone by far, but BlackBerry has its own advantages in terms of BIS and BBM services. With iPhone 4s you also get the options of different price ranges, where as BlackBerry has fixed price for each of its models. When it comes to camera and other fun activities, iPhone becomes the obvious choice because of its extensive services and exceptional camera.

Final verdict

Though it can be said that both the phones are great, the final decision is completely yours. The customers can get the Phone that they believe are suited for their requirements, features, specifications and overall the budget.

You can further read the customer reviews and specifications about both of the phones to get a clear idea on which is the clear winner. So, what are you thinking of? Just get set go and choose between Iphone 4S and Blackberry to have the best Smartphone with you.