IPL to have 74 matches next season

IPL governing council unveiled a new format for the fourth season of the IPL. The format is revamped due to inclusion of new teams Pune Warriors and Kochi. Now, a total of 74 matches will be played, with 70 league matches and four play off matches.
According to this format, all the 10 teams will be divided into two groups of five teams each. Each franchise owner of the team will have total 14 matches, 7 matches at the home ground and 7 matches away.
Each team would play its group teams twice, one at home and one away , four matches against the four teams from the other group and would play one team from the other group twice, one at home and one away. Thus playing total 14 matches in all for one team.
The groups will be decided by a random draw and also the team playing against each other would be decided by a random draw. The cap for the franchise team owners to spend on the bidding of the players has increased from $7 million to $9 million. The number of overseas players will be 10 with only 4 playing at a time. The uncapped Indian players who have first played Ranji trophy in the year gap of 2008-2011 will be paid Rs. 1 million and the player who has played in the year gap of 2006-2008 will be paid Rs. 2 million and the player who played in the 2006-06 or earlier seasons will be paid Rs.3 million according to BCCI’s norms. All player contracts will be directly managed by BCCI. N. Srinivasan , secretary of BCCI said that the player regulations would soon be circulated. Also, Pune will pick its team from the Maharashtra and Vidarbha Cricket Associations while Kochi has been alloted the Kerala and Madhya Pradesh associations.