Janmashtami 2011- celebrate with joy and merriment

Janmashtami is a famous Hindu festival which is observed not just in India but all across the globe as well. This festival is filled with joy and is thus celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal by Hindus. Janmashtami 2011 will be celebrated on 22nd August all across. As per the legendary tale, Lord Krishna was presumed to have made divine presence at midnight in 28th year of the Dwapur Yug. It generally falls in August or September month each year that is even the end of the Indian rainy season.

Janmashtami is even called by other names such as Srijayanti, Krishnasthami and Gokulashtami. Mathura which is the birthplace of the God witnesses grand and plush celebrations each year on this day.

As Mathura is the Lord Krishna’s birthplace, people from different parts of the world go there to enjoy this pious event and celebrate with much happiness. Preparations for Janmashtami start a few months ago and on the day, temples as well as homes are all illuminated and decorated to take pleasure in the joyous occasion. Lord Krishna’s idol is properly bathed and rocked in decorated cradle by the devotees and this is taken to serve as a good omen.

Pujas are conducted in the temples all across the globe and a huge amount of people visit shrines. Even some special pujas as well as rituals are conducted at midnight i.e. the time of the Lord’s birth.

The committed Krishna devotees even fast on this day and it is basically a 24 hours fast. Hymns and songs are further chanted in joy and merriment and are accompanies by dramas and dance performances.