Jaya Sawant get eliminated in first week elimination of bigg boss season 3

Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya sawantget eliminated in first week eliminationof Bigg Boss Season 3 . On second day of Bigg Boss season 3 Jaya Sawant gets nominated for elimination along withSherlym Chopda and Kamal Khan.jaya

Jaya Sawant who entered in big boss house saying her doughter Rakhi Sawant is not treating her well. In Promos of Bigg Boss Season 3 you can see her crying that her daughter not even invited jaya in her wedding as well. Even I was surprised when I could not find a single person from Rakhi Sawant’s Family in her wedding on Rakhi ka Swayambar show or must say so called wedding as it was more drama rather than reality.

In Bigg Boss Jaya was least popular person, she was not even a celebrity but I guess Bigg Boss officials took her after huge drama created by her daughter Rakhi Sawant. They might be thinking that Jaya will create similar dramas like her daughter did.

She even tried to gain sympathy of audience by some singing and dancing but it was more looking rubbish rather than genuine. Host of Bigg Boss Amitabh Bachchan entered inside house by television as always and told everyone about elimination of Jaya sawant.

In this season Bigg Boss introduced one new thing that eliminated person will get option to give 1 task to any of the member of Big Boss House which is pre decided by Big Boss. This week Jaya gave responsibility of not doing too much of make up to fashion designer Rohit Verma which will be very interesting to watch him without makeup as he always used to to take care about his makeup and dressing a lot.