Karbonn Mobiles : Best Karbonn Mobile Phones India Review

Karbonn mobile phones promise to provide quality, looks technology all at very competitive prices. Each model has something special on offer.

Karbonn K650 Review

Karbonn K650 Price: Rs. 4300

Karbonn K650 Specifications : 112×49.5×14.5 mm

This set has a facility of dual earphones. So you can enjoy music even while travelling with a friend. It has a 3.5 mm jack for earplugs which makes music output very easy using the phone. The mobile phone has a 2.2″ TFT display and has a 2 mp camera, with memory which is expandable up to 8 GB. It also has the other essential facilities like a FM Radio and the latest technology doing rounds of motion sensor.  Beautiful and sleek, it is 12.2 mm thin and thus helps make a style statement at really affordable price.

Dual sim phones of Karbonn mobiles

There are about a 14 different mobile sets on offer by the company which support dual sim facility at diverse price ranges, thus making a facility like this available to a wide variety of customers. Leading the pack is the 111 x 50 x 14.1 mm K770 priced at Rs. 6050.  There is a new 3D menu effect in the phone.  Then for people looking for slider phones having the dual sim facility there is K443, priced at Rs. 3289. The phone has all the basic add-ons which are required, like a MP3 player and FM radio.  K460, K551, K451 are other phones available in the similar price range.

Karbonn K330 Review

Karbonn K330 Price:  Rs. 1875

Karbonn K330 Specifications: 104 x 44 x 14.8 mm

The phone is the lower range phone specially built to cater the needs of the masses. It has an extended battery life, besides a dual sim facility. There is a facility of expandable memory and a voice changer application to have fun with.