Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3 Episode 2 Manjot Singh Out

7th September, 2010: Khatron Ke Khiladi’s 2nd Episode that aired today on Colors TV. The Show now has 11 participants and their partners left after Milind Soman being eliminated yesterday and Manjot Singh after today’s episode. The participants as we told yesterday and all the last episode action can be read here. Today’s show had two stunts. First was a head-on stunt where 2 participants had to compete against each other. The stunt was to pull out worms and beetles from a rope using the mouth and put them on their respective bowls.
The participants today had a choice, they could do it themselves or could ask their partners to do it. The last episode’s winner Ritwik Bhattacharya was the first one selected by the host Priyanka Chopra and he chose Rahul Bose to compete with him. Rahul Bose looked really scared and so he asked his partner to go for it. So went all the participants with most of the boys doing the stunt themselves or asking their partners to do it. Abhishek Kapoor, Manjot Singh, Rahul Bose and Angad Bedi had their partners do it for them . Rest all boys pulled out the worms themselves. Dino Morea did it the best with pulling out 84 grams of the worms. The 6 winners of the duos were then given Safety band Safety band implies that whosoever got it will not be asked to perform the next stunt if worn by the participants. So the 6 who did not get the band were to appear for the next stunt which was a duo task again. The partner of the 6 boys were tied on a panel which were left in the water. The boys had to free them and then both the partners had to put the floater balloons attached with the panel on the lower side of it. Thus when the task was completed the Yellow floater would be released. 6 boys went in the water and none of them could complete the task. So the decision was made on who tried the least. Which was Manjot Singh who spent just 15 seconds trying. Leading to his elimination. Awaiting for more action in the episode tomorrow.