Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3 Episode 3 Elimination : Cyrus Barocha

8th September, 2010: The 3rd episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi aired today at 9 pm on Colors TV had Cyrus Barocha eliminated. The MTV VJ Cyrus Barocha was the only fun-factor in the show. His comments, statements made the danger turn to fun.

Today’s episode was a spiced up episode which had a slight controversy and the stunt which was actually shown in the promos. It started with the first stunt, which again like yesterday was a head-on stunt, i.e. two participants were to compete against each other and the winner of the two was given safety band. Since there were 11 participants left, so one of them had to be kept from performing the stunt. Which was decided by the arm wrestling competition between the winners of the first two episodes, Dino Morea and Ritwik Bhattacharya. Dino won it and decided to perform the head-on stunt. The head-on stunt was to be performed on a race track of car-racing. The stunt was that the two participants chosen as opponents were tied to a moving truck which dragged them on the track. The participant who leaves the rope nearest to the finish line wins over the other. Shabbir Ahluwalia performed it the best by finishing on the finish line. The safety bands were won by Dino, Shabbir, Armaan, Abhishek and Karan.

Rahul Bose lost the stunt and said it was due to a technical fault of the show, so even said he would leave it. Host Priyanka Chopra gave him time to decide if he would continue or not after which he declared that he will continue. The ones who lost in the first stunt were subjected to the next stunt which was that one partner had to take out ping pong balls from a mixture of water, mud, worms and beetles using the mouth and then drop it in a tunnel that led to tub of water and from the tub the other partner had to take them out in order of the numbers on the balls and drop it in a tube.

Cyrus Barocha and his partner could collect only two balls, hence being the poorest performers of all. Thus they were eliminated. Looking forward to more fun in the next episode.