Know All Dates and Days of Valentine’s Week

Love’s in the air. Personally I feel one can celebrate Valentine’s Day whenever they want to. However in that case the specialty of this beautiful day will be ruined. So what plans do you have for the special day?

Take out your love to some special place and do give her/him something amazing and out of the box. But Valentine’s Day isn’t only about 14th Feb; it’s about an entire week comprising of various days, events. The days have been named accordingly. Let’s check out what these days are, what their significance is and how they make the whole week a truly special and enjoyable one.

Happy Valentines Day

The 7 days of the Valentine Week are:

Valentine week days name                                                Specialty


7th Feb                                                                                  Rose day

8th Feb                                                                                  Propose Day

9th Feb                                                                                  Chocolate Day

10th Feb                                                                                Teddy Day

11th Feb                                                                                Promise Day

12th Feb                                                                                Hug Day

13th Feb                                                                                Kiss Day

14th Feb                                                                                Valentine’s Day


7th Feb- Rose Day

On the first day of the Valentine’s Week, you can present a beautiful rose or a bouquet of roses to your loved one. I am sure he or she will not refuse to accept the beautiful roses. It has been believed that roses are gifted so as to show the receiver the liking or love you have for them. A beautiful, fresh rose will surely attract the other person towards you.

8th Feb- Propose Day ( Propose Day SMS

After your love/crush/interest has accepted the rose from you, it is time to propose to him or her. You can either take on the traditional way of proposing or can do some innovative things. This way, you will be able to show or say your feelings to your loved one and I am sure they will not refuse to say yes to you.


9th Feb- Chocolate Day ( Chocolate Day SMS )

Then comes the amazing Chocolate Day, the day after you proposed and your proposal has been accepted. To start your relationship or friendship, you surely need to have the sweetness and fun. And what can be better than a delicious chocolate! Go get his/her favorite chocolate and make your dear one feel special.

10th Feb- Teddy Day ( Teddy Day SMS )

After your friendship has become a bit stronger, you can then move towards gifting him or her with something that is sweet and cute. This can be best presented by gifting a Teddy Bear to your love/interest. Buy a cute teddy and you will be happy to know that your love will surely like the furry toy.

11th Feb- Promise Day ( Promise Day SMS )

To make your bond all the more pure and trustworthy, it is now time to promise your loved one what you can do for them. Again, you can be innovative in this and try something that will surely catch the attention of your dear one. But make sure, you always promise what you mean and not hurt your partner in any way.

12th Feb- Hug Day ( Hug Day SMS )

Make your relationship all the more intimate and interesting by giving a nice, cute hug to your special one. Make sure that you do that with the consent of your partner. A sweet, tight hug will take you closer to your partner and will make the bond more special and exciting.

13th Feb- Kiss Day ( Kiss Day SMS )

If you see that the whole Valentine week has been great for you and has added to getting closer to your beloved or lover, then go ahead and celebrate the kiss day with an intense, loving and passionate kiss.

14th Feb- VALENTINE’S DAY ( Valentine’s Day SMS )

The last day of the week is definitely the day to enjoy your relationship/love/friendship. Celebrate the day with something interesting and innovative. Take your partner out for dinner, parties, long drive, vacation and more and deepen your bond with all love, care and respect for each other.

With each day, celebrate your love in an innovative manner and elevate your relationship to new heights. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope this article will help you to get your love or to make your love feel really special.