Latest study clears misconception related to join pain from the drugs of breast cancer

A latest study has revealed that females can continue consuming the aromatase inhibitors or AIs, the known drugs for breast cancer because these drugs do not offer any threat of inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune disease as earlier believed by many studies.

Victoria K Shanmugam from the Georgetown University Medical Center said that it is not so clear why the joint symptoms take place but they wondered if these symptoms could be linked with some autoimmune disease or inflammation. And their research ruled out both of these.

The study had 25 postmenopausal breast cancer sufferers with no autoimmune but with hand pain. Then another group of 23 people who were not taking drugs enrolled as the control group. These subjects were properly evaluated after refraining from the anti inflammatory non steroidal drugs for about 2 days.

Shanmugam reported that they found 4 out of 48 women with the autoimmune disease- 2 in both groups but the actual frequency was identical both in the females receiving aromatase inhibitors and those of them not receiving these AIs.

She further added that they found various patients in control arm having similar constellation of signs and symptoms to those who received AIs. Then she reported that even though the study contributes in ruling out autoimmune disease or inflammatory arthritis, the researchers do not know the reason behind musculoskeletal symptoms in the women receiving AIs.

The findings of this study will be presented at 74TH Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, Atlanta in Georgia.