Lava M30 mobile- the best value for money

Lava M30 is a phone that comes with multi functionality features. Like most of the phones today, Lava M30 has dual SIM. It has been reported by people using this phone that it has a long battery life and can last for a few days. The phone has 1200mAH lithium-ion battery. Regarding memory capacity of the phone, Lava M30 has very little memory space but the memory can be extended to 8GB with the help of a SDHC card or a micro SD card. Though text messages can be sent easily from the mobile, but MMS is not allowed. In one way, this phone does not allow to spread nuisance with MMS.

The best part of Lava M30 mobile is the rich multimedia features. With a wonderful 2.0 megapixel camera, the phone provides resolution of almost 1600 x 1200 pixels. There is also a 4x digital zoom feature in the phone. People who have used the mobile have also greatly appreciated its sound quality. Lava M30 was advertised as a music phone and the name has right justification. The phone supports almost all types of audio and video formats and provides the users with a wonderful musical experience.

Lava M30 is a good looking phone set too. Sleek and handy, this phone has a display area of almost 240 x 320 pixels. The screen is wide enough. The only issue with this phone is that it does not very enhanced connectivity features. However, this phone has many features that cannot be thought of at the price the mobile is sold.