Leh: popular places to visit and see

Leh serves to be one of the most preferred tourist spots in the world. It is situated in northernmost part of India in Jammu And Kashmir State. Leh is located in lap of the Himalayan ranges at height of around 3,505 meters above the sea level. Snow covered Himalayan fringes further makes this destination a romantic spot where the travelers can easily enjoy scenic and serene beauty of natural surroundings along with the true aura of Buddhist-Tibetian culture. The gompas, mountains as well as backdrop of the azure sky make Leh a picturesque location that impresses a number of tourists every year.

Sankar Gompa


It belongs to Gelukspa school of Tibetan Buddhism which is the branch of Spituk Monastery founded by first incarnation of the popular Skyabje Bakula. It is even the official residence of Kushok Bakul Ladakh’s head of Gelug-pa sect. The place is among most favored spots of Leh visitors due to its magnificent location. Besides, it is even known for its murals and paintings of guardian God of Four Quarters of Heaven, a Dharma Chakra that is flanked by deer as the sign of first sermon of Buddha in Sarnath and golden spire. The most amazing quality of this location is the gompa that is set up on ceiling hall with walls that are adorned with multi colored and lustrous murals.
Stok Palace and Museum

Built by Tsespal Tondup Namgyal, a popular King in early 19th C, the Stok Palace is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Leh. This palace is currently occupied by Royal family and the museum at this palace showcases ceremonial dresses of the Kings, royal jewelry as well as beautiful crowns.

Leh Palace

Leh Palace

The palace is a captivating and impressive attraction must visit in Leh that is flocked by a number of tourists every year. The architectural ruin impresses and grabs the attention of visitors due to its majestic setting. Even the architectural design of the palace imitates Potala in Lhasa and was built in 17th C as residential complex for King Singge Namgyal.


The nine storied splendor is popularly known and acclaimed for its wall paintings, frescos, Buddhist scriptures, massive statue of Maitreya Buddha, murals as well as traditional tangkhas. In fact, the attractive and panoramic view of Leh town from its rooftop is most scintillating and mind blowing attraction of the palace.


As there are a number of places to visit and experience in Leh, a trip to this location is a sure fun tour.