LG Optimus 7Q Review : Know features & price in India

LG might not be popular for offering top class Smartphones however it does release some amazing handsets from time to time. The LG Optimus 7Q is no exception and is featured with high end features and applications.

Screen and display

The screen of LG Optimus 7Q is WVGA resolution TFT one and though it may seem paler than Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens, the display on Optimus 7Q still does great job with its colorful and clean images.


The LG Optimus 7Q is packed with touch sensitive search and back keys however unlike Samsung Omnia 7, the keys are not backlit while pressing. But it can be said that the QWERTY keyboard of the handset is in fact well spaced and every key is huge enough to press with comfort. The keys are also flat but possess nice travel and thereby emit clicking sound.

LG Optimus 7Q


LG Optimus 7Q is packed with minimum specifications that are required for Windows Phone 7. Talking about the camera of the phone, it has 5 MP resolution, 720p video recording, physical camera button and single LED flash. The LG 7Q offers still pictures with great color reproduction, amazing details and least possible noise. Video recording is a bit disappointing but the overall appeal and features of the phone take away this shortcoming with ease.

Price in India

The price of LG Optimus 7Q in India is Rs 30,000.